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Live Day

The Live Day is the focal point of the entire event. Companies make real-time online meetings and interact with candidates live to answer their questions through the online chats. Recordings and transcripts of the sessions will be available no more than 24 hours after the event.

What is an Online Meeting?
An online meeting is an online platform where the speaker(s) can make an online presentation to an audience of participants and interact live with them. The meeting includes audio, and can include video.

What is an Online Chat?
An online chat is a written conversation between candidates and company representatives. Each participant in the chat can type comments or questions and reply to previous ones. The chat includes text only.


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In adition to the corporate meetings we will also host a panel discussion on "Internal Consulting as an alternative career to External Consulting". The panel will address the key differences between a career in Internal consulting versus a career in external consulting, in terms of job content, client relationships, internal structure & organization, career perspectives, researched profiles, lifestyle etc. Speakers include so far:

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