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General Description

In today's dynamic and challenging business environment, Columbia Business School students continue to stand out to employers. Their extraordinary business acumen and innovative approach to problem solving is truly remarkable, and employers consistently report being impressed with Columbia Business School graduates' decision-making abilities and leadership skills.

The School's forward-thinking curriculum fosters a team-oriented work ethic and an entrepreneurial mindset that makes creating and capturing opportunity instinctual. Students learn how different functions and strategies impact one another by studying integrated cases in the core curriculum that examine business challenges from multiple perspectives. The School's extraordinary network of alumni, global business partners, and faculty members, along with its seamless integration within New York City, distinguishes Columbia Business School among its peers.

Full-time MBA Program
MBA students enter in September or January and take the equivalent of five full courses per term for four terms. MBA Students who enter in September typically pursue a summer internship between their first and second years. Students who enter in January complete the program in four consecutive terms, rather than taking a term off to pursue an internship.

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program
The School offers five program formats designed for flexibility including Friday/Saturday, Saturday-only, Americas and two partner programs with London Business School (LBS) and the University of Hong Kong (HKU): EMBA Global Americas and EMBA-Global Asia, that extend the Columbia network around the globe. EMBA students take classes while maintaining full-time work responsibilities. Students graduate in May, October, or February depending on when they enter the program.


  MBA Class of 2015 EMBA - NY Class of 2011
Duration20 months20 months
Graduation monthMay / FebruaryMay / October / February
Available for employmentStarting May or laterStarting May or August
Number of students748690
Average age2833
Average years of work experience59
% International students3935
% Women3625
Average GMAT score716
Last Statistics 2014

Hires by Industry

Finance: Banking 14 %
Finance: Investment Management 13 %
Finance: Other 14 %
Consulting 9 %
Media 8 %

Hires by Function

Consulting (including sponsored students) 40 %
Finance (Internal) (including sponsored students) 6 %
Financial Services (including sponsored students) 30 %
Management (including sponsored students) 9 %
Marketing (including sponsored students) 7 %
Real Estate (including sponsored students) 4 %
Other (including sponsored students) 4 %

Average salary upon graduation

119,400 (Median base salary in US dollars)
Additional comments

Columbia Business School's commitment to global business is reflected in and reinforced by its diverse student body. In recent classes, more than 40 percent of students hold non-US passports. Students in the class that entered in 2011 come from more than 50 countries and speak almost as many languages. Most have lived, worked, or studied abroad, and anticipate working across cultures during the course of their careers.

The School's 40,000 alumni continue to be diverse and representative of the highest levels of business leadership worldwide. As alumni move ahead in their careers, many elect to take leadership positions at companies spanning a wider range of industries than recent graduates typically choose. Columbia Business School alumni are actively involved in all aspects of the student experience, from interviewing prospective students for admission and lecturing in the classroom to speaking on panels at club-sponsored events and coming back to recruit the next class of MBA graduates.

Information updated in July 2015